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Tactical Pistol Operator Course (pdf)


Tactical Rifle Operator Course (pdf)


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Law Enforcement Courses

Tactical Pistol Instructor Development (pdf)


Tactical Rifle Instructor Development (pdf)


Traveling Courses

I am able and willing to travel throughout Colorado and neighboring states to bring courses to your home range upon my availability. Please contact me and we can work through ensuring your range will facilitate the desired course. I will provide targets and other basic training gear that I'll need.


Combat Shooting and Tactics (MSG Paul R.Howe, US Army Ret.)

Material Source and Colleague

Advanced CSAT Courses

Paul Howe offers the same courses that I do, plus his advanced courses at his facility. The operator and instructor courses that you take from me will set you up nicely, if you have the opportunity to travel to Paul for his advanced courses.

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