Courses and Target Audiences


Below are a selection of some of the training courses that I offer. My target audiences include: civilians (new and experienced); law enforcement - individual officers, units and agencies; and law enforcement firearms instructors. The material that I provide has served me well as an officer and LE instructor for many years now with great success. My desire is to provide the same to you. Civilians and LE are on slightly different paths, but all must start from the beginning with a sound understanding and capability in the basics. Advanced shooting is nothing more than being able to perform the basics on demand, at anytime, every time.

Tac Pistol Operator

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Course Flyers and Prices

Tactical Pistol Operator Course (pdf)


Tactical Rifle Operator Course (pdf)


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Law Enforcement Agency/Team Courses - Contact me for details



 My intent is to serve local and State LE agencies, including  both traditional and natural resources officers, especially instructors. Courses such as: Tac Pistol and Tac Rifle Instructor, Patrol Counter Ambush, Patrol Active Shooter/CQB and other similar courses are tailored specifically for law enforcement. Please contact me to set up courses for your agency. Your Colorado POST Training region provides both scholarships and grant dollars for training. These courses have been approved previously by Colorado POST. I am prepared to bring these courses to your home range provided that you have the facilities for the desired courses.

Tactical Pistol and Rifle Two-day Courses

Combines technical and tactical skills training for LE.

Tac Pistol and Rifle Instructor, plus Pistol and Rifle Instructor Development

Specifically for prospective instructors to learn how to teach and coach the tac pistol and rifle course and modules, run safe and effective training and how to design technical training for long term goals. The development courses are designed to take veteran instructors to the next level to design and deliver effective and contextual tactical training. 

Patrol Counter Ambush

 PCA teaches the Patrol Officer and Field Training Officer how to look at, approach and solve tactical problems they will encounter on the street. They will also learn when to push and when to hold and when to call SWAT. 

Patrol Active Shooter Exterior problem-solving and CQB

The focus of this training is for single officer or 2-3 person teams operating to solve this types of problems.

Precision Rifle Operator

This course is designed specifically for natural resources officers who are issued precision rifles or for SWAT snipers who desire a more in-depth understanding to effectively employ their rifle.

Traveling Courses

I am able and willing to travel throughout Colorado and neighboring states to bring courses to your home range upon my availability. Please contact me and we can work through ensuring your range will facilitate the desired course. I will provide targets and other basic training gear that I'll need.


Combat Shooting and Tactics (MSG Paul R.Howe, US Army Ret.)

Material Source and Colleague


Advanced CSAT Courses

Paul Howe is the owner of most of the material that I teach. He teaches all of these courses, plus his advanced courses at his facility in Nacogdoches, TX. The CSAT courses that you take from me will set you up nicely if you have the opportunity to travel to Paul for his advanced courses.

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