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Teaching shooters how to execute the basics on demand in the context of tactical application.

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Dedicated Instruction

It has been said that, "Amateurs practice until they get it right; Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong". I'll provide you the tools to make your shooting as effortless as your driving.

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Law Enforcement and Civilian Courses

Shooting well is the same regardless of the application. The CSAT courses that I offer lay the foundation for both law enforcement and civilian needs. The curriculum builds from there to practical application.

Our Motto

To effectively teach and coach the Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) courses and methodology to law enforcement and law abiding citizens throughout Colorado. CSAT curriculum provides combat proven techniques to enhance your survival in high-risk confrontations. 

Law Enforcement and Civilian Beginner to Advanced Courses

Tactical Pistol Operator

This class focuses on the tactical employment of the sidearm. It will:

  •  Include an objective evaluation of your current capability level
  • Build your capabilities at your own speed and current performance level
  • Our courses leave no one behind and no one unchallenged
  • Provide workouts and the proper mindset to continue your progress after the class

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Tactical Rifle Operator

This class focuses on the tactical employment of the tactical/patrol rifle. It will include an objective evaluation of the current capability level of the  individual and the group, detailed breakdowns of each skill and performance of perfect repetitions with coaching and feedback. This course builds a solid foundation for the individual to sharpen their skills so that they can be an asset to their team.

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More classes to come

Tactical proficiency is a journey and can't be learned, and more importantly, ingrained in the subconscious all in one shot. It may take more than one class to get you to your individual goal. As I build a customer base, I'll be offering more advanced classes in the near future. Operator courses are the place to start regardless of you current proficiency level. Everything we teach is stair-stepped and builds upon itself. 

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Class Information and Directions

***Non-LE (law enforcement) students will need to fill out an application and submit required information prior to being fully enrolled.*** All students will be contacted with course specific information and directions immediately after registration closes. Communication is important to all of us and the relationship that we create now will continue after the class to support your continued training efforts.

Law Enforcement Agency Courses

Please contact me to set up courses for your agency. Your Colorado POST Training region provides both scholarships and grant dollars for training. These courses have been approved previously. I am prepared to bring these classes to your home range provided that you have the facilities for the desired training.


Contact Us

Traveling Courses:  I am able and willing to travel throughout Colorado and neighboring states to bring courses to your home range upon my availability. Please contact me and we can work through ensuring your range will facilitate the desired course. I will provide targets and other basic training gear that I'll need. 

If  you have questions about courses, feel free to send me a message. I will get back to you as  soon as possible.

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