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LE Operator Courses provide the foundation you need to excel

Pistol fundamentals and marksmanship.

Tactical Pistol Operator

This class focuses on the tactical employment of the sidearm. It will:

  •  Include an objective evaluation of your current capability level, and build your individual skills to the operator level
  • Leave no one behind and no one unchallenged
  • Introduce you to the tactical application of these skills
  • Provide workouts and the proper mindset to continue your progress after the class

M4 or AR-15 style rifle employment using a kneeling position.

Tactical Rifle Operator

This class focuses on the tactical employment of the tactical/patrol rifle. It will include an objective evaluation of the current capability level of the  individual and the group, detailed breakdowns of each skill and performance of perfect repetitions with coaching and feedback. This course builds a solid foundation for the individual to sharpen their skills so that they can be an asset to their team.

Precision Rifle Shooter employing the fundamental and alternate position shooting techniques.

Precision Rifle Operator

This course focuses on precision rifle handling and marksmanship including, but not limited to, precision rifle fundamentals, understanding and using the tactical scope, ballistic computers, environmental effects, etc. My job is to distill the complexities down to easily learned modules so that you have a simple system in the field for quick application. This course ideal for SWAT snipers, Natural Resource Officers and precision rifle competitors.

patrol counter ambush

This course teaches the Patrol Officer and Field Training Officer how to look at, approach and solve tactical problems they will encounter on the street. They will also learn when to push and when to hold and when to call SWAT.  See schedule or register.

Law Enforcement Agency/Team Courses - Contact me for details



As law enforcement officers, administrators and instructors, we should all understand that qualifications are not training. They represent a test of minimum skills to meet legal requirements. Real training should occupy the majority of the training time that you have at your disposal. This is where I come in. The CSAT training methodology that I teach is developed to maximize training value for the time and resources that are available to you.

My intent is to serve local and State LE agencies including  both traditional and natural resources officers, especially instructors. Courses such as: Tac Pistol and Tac Rifle Instructor, Patrol Counter Ambush, Patrol Active Shooter/CQB and other similar courses are tailored specifically for law enforcement. I will offer classes at various times throughout the year (see course schedule). Please contact me to set up courses specifically for your agency. Your Colorado POST Training region provides both scholarships and grant dollars for training. These courses have been approved previously by Colorado POST. I am prepared to bring these courses to your home range provided that you have the facilities for the desired courses.  

I offer one-day classes that focus on firearm-specific

use and techniques. These will give you a taste of the material and exposure to my instruction with minimal investment. I invite you to give me a try to see for yourself. I am also available for shorter demonstrations. Just give me a call or email to set it up. 

Tactical Pistol and Tactical Rifle Two-day Courses

Two-day courses for each respective weapon system combine technical and tactical skills training for LE. See flyers here: Tac Pistol Operator or Tac Rifle Operator

Tac Pistol and Tac Rifle Instructor

Specifically for prospective instructors to learn how to teach and coach the tactical pistol and rifle courses and modules, run safe and effective training and how to design technical training for long term retention and development. 

Patrol Active Shooter Exterior problem-solving and CQB

The focus of this training is for single officer or 2-3 person teams operating to solve these types of problems.

Precision Rifle Operator

This course is designed specifically for SWAT snipers and natural resources officers who are issued precision rifles and desire a more in-depth understanding of precision rifle complexities to effectively employ their rifle.

Traveling Courses

I am able and willing to travel throughout Colorado and neighboring states to bring courses to your home range upon my availability. Please contact me and we can work through ensuring your range will facilitate the desired course. I will provide targets and other basic training gear that I'll need.