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Rick Basagoitia, Owner and Instructor

I have 21 years of experience in law enforcement with more than half of that time as an instructor. I have invested significant effort into improving training in my agency. The benefits that I've realized have led to my bringing CSAT courses to Colorado. I believe that all law abiding citizens (law enforcement and civilians) should take their firearms and training seriously.  My goal is to help you along that path. See more in my resume below.


Combat Shooting and Tactics

I have been fortunate to receive great firearms training throughout my career. As I moved into the role of being an instructor, I sought outside training and found Paul Howe at Combat Shooting and Tactics. Paul is a true American Hero, a great person and a phenomenal instructor. I am honored to be able to teach his classes in Colorado. Please see more about my path to and history with CSAT below.



This is your opportunity to learn from curriculum that was developed by one of the top firearms and tactics instructors in the country. Shooters from all over the country travel to attend CSAT courses in Nacogdoches. This is the first chance to take these classes in Colorado. Starting in 2019, I can travel to surrounding states as well.

Resume and History with CSAT

Please click the following links to learn more about my instructor credentials and my path to and history with Paul and Combat Shooting and Tactics.

Instructor Resume (pdf)


History with CSAT (pdf)