Welcome Friend

Your being here tells me that we have several things in common.

What do we have in common and why should you trust me?

We own one or more guns

Those of us in this group have numerous and varied reasons for owning our guns.  Ultimately, we don't fear exercising our Second Amendment Rights as intended by the Constitution and/or have made a life of protecting the rights of others.

We want to be good with our guns!

Not all of us can be Delta Operators. Not holding that distinction doesn't mean that we can't shoot and operate effectively. The right attitude, a willingness to put forth some effort, and proper instruction are the only things keeping us from our goals.

You want to know WHY

You might ask  yourself, "Why do I need this guy's training?" or "Why should I trust this guy to train me?" Those are great questions. I've been in your shoes throughout most of my professional, gun-carrying career asking myself the same questions.

Why trust?

You can't until you get to know me. I can tell you what I believe. I believe in challenging the status quo in the firearms training industry. I believe in giving to others what has so graciously been given to me. Depending upon how far you want to go, it can be a tough path. I believe in helping others tread the path more easily than I did.


I intend to deliver on my beliefs by investing in you. Coming to me indicates that you are offering me an opportunity to earn your trust. It is my job to know my craft, identify and understand your current capability, and give you the tools to build at your own pace to the level that you want to reach. 

What's in it for you?

The courses I offer will take you from developing a solid foundation in the basic, fundamental skills of firearms employment to operator level tactical skills in both the law enforcement and civilian worlds. My role is to teach you so that you can learn and do the things that you want to be able to do while holding you to a standard that will allow you to get there.

Does going to training sound intimidating?

You're not alone. Many of us would rather not admit it, but trying to learn skills that have some association with evaluating one's performance is intimidating. To some of us, guns alone are intimidating. Think about it. If you bought a gun for home or self-defense, you would be tested when the day comes that you have to use it for that purpose. I know that training can seem intimidating. I have an excellent track record with new shooters and veterans alike. I'm a nice guy and very patient. I have a particular ability and relate well to women. What I do is entirely about you. 

WHY DO I NEED THIS GUY'S TRAINING? you may or may not...

 The only way for you to know is to test yourself against what I have to offer. Below are targets and basic evaluation drills. If you can't consistently pass these drills at the standard described in them, then know that I can help you develop a solid foundation in these skills and others so that you can use your firearms effectively at a very high level of capability. 

Pistol Self-Test (pdf)


Tactical Rifle Self-Test (pdf)


A-zone and Head Targets (pdf)